Vacuum Casting

We offer the possibility of vacuum casting with different types of casting materials. Production in this way allows us to produce both small and large production series.

We produce from a wide range of casting materials from the more common clear polyurethane, the so-called “AQUA” resin, suitable for casting requirements such as "give-aways" to prototype materials that can mimic many famous plastics, starting with PE/PP through to ABS, POM or PA6 glass filled resin.
These materials normally have a thermal resistance of 90°C, which is the most commonly used, then about 130°C through to materials with thermal resistance of over 210°C. These also include materials that are clear and are used for the production of such things as cabins and windows, or models for different covers, enclosures etc. where transparency is desirable.

The vast majority of these materials can be coloured  upon request, making it possible to produce the final casting in a desired colour .

Production of originals

We are able to produce originals (Masters) according to your requirements and the documentation that you provide to us, or we can research your project on your behalf ourselves.

3D design

We can provide 3D product design according to your requirements as well as the subsequent production of an original on 3D printing machines and then can cast these products in series.

Additional offer

  • product completion
  • product coloring
  • product packaging

As well as all this we can provide much more in relation to the casting industry and associated with this form of production.  If you have any questions  do not hesitate to contact us!