About us

The CMR moulding & casting company was founded at the beginning of the 2012 in Prague as a result of the original CMR company spliting into two separate entities.

We conducted this reorganization in order to be able to cover all the demand for models and the production of products. Since we have more than thirty years of experience with this form of resin production a lot of other companies concerned with similar production have turned to us due to CMR's rigorous product execution. These companies are based abroad mostly, although a few of them are from the Czech Republic.

We have been approached by customers from completely different industries such as automotive (prototype car parts), cinematographic (knops, badges, pins and other supplements)  Militaria from various periods as well as from current service. We also have experience with the production of replicas of historical and present toys, replicas from the war time such as various accessories, gear and equipment or components of aircraft cockpits and other objects that were originally formed of plastic but are now unavailable.

The CMR model kit development and sales were taken up by MARK I s.r.o. company.

CMR modelsCMR models